Adriana Thomas

Adriana Thomas

Thomas Investments
I am an experienced marketing director and a real estate agency owner
Sea and people lover
Natural explorer and an eternal traveler

Our company is totally client oriented so, feel free to ask for information
We operate more than 500 properties in Mexico ( Mexico City, Cancun, Riviera Maya, Yucatan, Los Cabos). Also , Thomas investments is allied to some great brands as KW, Century21 in USA, some others in Spain and Dubai

If you are planning to invest in the next 3 months please let us know your investment plan. We like to focus our advise on your requirements.

If you are planning to buy later, consider that some properties will not be available and prices will cheange due to exchange rate and demand.

Some "a la carte" scouting and real estate tours generate a charge. Do not gesitate to ask


As marketing profesional and business consultor I am an investment advisor for my clients.
You will find help from a business director point of view considering cost-benefits, legal issues, marketing and sales support.
I am an accredited broker in Mexico by CONOCER and the Public Education Secretary (SEP)
ADVISE: As of March 2022 Mexican goverment required certified agents to promote, sell, or rent properties
Adriana Thomas

Adriana Thomas

Thomas Investments is a real estate coworking ready to help you to find the perfect place for your investment in Mexico, Cancun, Riviera Maya, Yucatan and More
We are a certified agents